Food color for the influence of the mood
Women are often choose eating food relief method to abreact oneself heart anguish. You also want to eat to just go, food color, can affect your mood.

Use water dispenser water really health
Will a 8 into the new water dispenser rear cover, take out inside diameter of about 10 cm high about 20 centimeters of pot heating bravery, can see attached gray mash qualitative bladder present eyes.

Before motion can eat pasta
If you want to receive good movement effect, before motion might as well eat pasta! Recently, the United States "prevention" magazine published a study found that pasta can make your exercise in order to achieve the best condition

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Our restaurant is famous for its long tradition, exquisite quality of food and services. Some of our satisfied customers keep back to tell us that we are on the right track. We invite you to taste authentic cuisine dishes or some other in your choose from our rich food proposal.

We enjoy the shadow of the platform with a glass of good wine from our wine list. Our restaurant is composed of three guest accommodation units: give up traditional interior can accommodate 60 people, side and classical

Preserved vegetable &pork

Colour and lustre is delicious, taste smooth and not be bored with its characteristics in

Stewed beef

Stewed beef characteristics: sweet soft tasty, rich in high grade protein, nucleotide.

Food knowledge
Sauted meat shreds with
Traditional Beijing dishes. Six will dwell sauce and pickle shop city is the oldest one of